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Lincrusta Georgian Panel RD1650 Paintable Wallcovering

Pattern # rd1650


$599.00  $379.99  On Sale!

Lincrusta Wallcovering Georgian Panel RD1650

  • Unpasted. Recommended glue is Vinyl-over-Vinyl Adhesive.
  • Click for Extra Image
  • The width of the roll is 21 inches (once the selvage has been trimmed off). There are two panels per width. The panel is 8.5 inches (20.5cm) wide x 12.5 inches (31.5cm) high. There is a 2 inch space between the panels. There are (2) 2 inch spaces per width.
  • Lincrusta Wallcoverings are made of moulded linoleum, making them very durable. They must be painted, using an oil-based paint, and they can be repainted many times. Wallcoverings are washable after painting.
  • Due to the manufacture's restrictions, we cannot advertise our lowest price. Please call 1-888-242-7448 for our best price!

Click Here For Lincrusta Installation Instructions

A double roll covers 56 sq'.
A double roll is 33' long and is 21.5" wide.
All Lincrusta Wallpapers should be painted using oil-based paint or primer.

Please see shipping page for expedited options.
Orders usually arrive in 7-10 days.

Samples are $20.00 each. Please call customer service at 1-888-242-7448 to order samples.

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