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Lincrusta Friezes

Exquisite Lincrusta paintable border friezes are 10 to 12 inches wide and full of ornate detail. Printed on a hard, linoleum-like material, these paintable Lincrusta friezes will last a lifetime. Timeless designs and great variety make this Lincrusta wallcoverings line our top pick for historic renovations and restorations.

  • Timeless Design
  • Original Designs
  • Superior product and material
  • Approved by the Historic Home Restoration Societies

    Lincrusta Friezes

Lincrusta Frieze Adam RD1955 Paintable Wallpaper Border
On Sale! $450.00

Lincrusta Frieze Adelphi RD1949 Paintable Wallpaper Border

Lincrusta Frieze Anne RD1947 Paintable Wallpaper Border
On Sale! $450.00

Lincrusta Frieze Cameo RD1948 Paintable Wallpaper Border
On Sale! $450.00

Lincrusta Frieze Diana RD1958 Paintable Wallpaper Border
On Sale! $450.00

Lincrusta Frieze Empire RD1957 Paintable Wallpaper Border
On Sale! $450.00

Lincrusta Frieze Francesca RD1946 Paintable Wallpaper Border
On Sale! $450.00

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