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Resources & Instructions

Lincrusta Installing Lincrusta is easy to do when you follow the manufacturer's directions. Below are links to the manufacturer's instructions that are included within each box of Lincrusta. Below, we have put together our installation tips and instructions we gathered from the experts who have hung this.

Surface Preparation:
Start by removing old wallpaper, being sure to remove and wash off any glue residues, dirt, grease, etc. At this time, make sure the surface is smooth and clear of any imperfections. If you have a lathe and plaster wall, you will either want to apply a wallpaper liner over the wall prior to installation or smooth out the wall. Once the surface is clean and smooth, apply a coat of Oil Based Primer to the wall or ceiling surface.

Unroll the Lincrusta and cut off selvedges. Cut strips to length adding an extra few inches for trimming at top and bottom (for wallcovering). Turn Lincrusta over and sponge back with warm water and leave to soak for 20-30 minutes. Wipe off excess water. Apply Lincrusta glue to back of pattern using a paint roller or paint brush. We also recommend applying quick brush strokes of glue on the wall surface for added tackiness. In America, the recommended glue for hanging Lincrusta is either the Dynamite Brand Vinyl-Over-Vinyl or Clay Based Adhesive.

Once the paper is positioned into place and matched to the pattern (if there is a repeat), smooth out the pattern using a Smoothing Brush , being sure to smooth from the center of the pattern out to the edges. Wipe excess glue with a rag, being sure to clean the rag regularly. Once your strip has been completely hung and positioned, wipe entire face of pattern with clean rag. Continue hanging in this manner.

Finishing Lincrusta:
Allow Lincrusta to dry for at least 24 hours. Next, fill seams with Acrylic Latex Caulk. . This will make the seams virtually disappear.

After the caulk has completely dried, wipe entire surface clean with Mineral Spirits to remove any stains, grease or glue.

The initial coat on an unfinished surface of Lincrusta needs to be either an Oil Based Primer or Oil Based Paint. Once that initial coat has dried, you can then finish the surface with either an Oil Based or Latex Paint.

Decorative Effects:
To get some great ideas and inspiration for unbelievable Lincrusta Faux Paint Finishing Techniques go to

Lincrusta Flame Rating:
For North America, Lincrusta rates Class II when tested according to ASTM-E-84.

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    Here is a video that gives helpful hints for Lincrusta installation.

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